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Review the Top Rated Vinyl Flooring Brands - Best & Most Popular Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers

#1 Armstrong

Armstrong is a flooring giant in the USA and Canada. They are headquartered in Lancaster, PA. We’re happy they’re keeping America going with some job production and we’re happy because they offer such wide variety of quality vinyl flooring options. Armstrong really covers all the bases with their extensive collection of vinyl flooring. They offer plank, sheet, and tile, which is something we look for in the best vinyl manufacturers. They have over 100 styles in traditional wood alone! That’s a very popular segment and they cover it well. They also have over 400 choices in Stones and Naturals. On top of all that, they have a whopping 60 choices of varying creative patterns. They go above and beyond the norm with their Decorative and Geometrics line; giving us a look at some really neat patterns you don’t see everywhere. Very unique!

  • Traditional Wood
  • Stones and Naturals
  • Decorative and Geometrics
  • Distressed Wood
  • Overall Patterns
  • Parquet

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#2 Mannington

Mannington makes resilient flooring. This is basically the same product as vinyl. We wanted to list Mannington because they put out a good product and have lots of choices in patterns. They have tons of colors and options to choose from; Mannington has hardwood designs, stone tiles, and creative designs. What’s really great about their collections is they already sort them for you based on quality and price. You know where to find the “Best” stuff they have, in the Best Collections. You also know where you can find some of the value flooring, in the “Good” collections. The “Better” Collections are the in-between.

  • Premium Naturals
  • Best-Realistique
  • Better-Simplicity
  • Better-Aurora
  • Better-Jumpstart
  • Good-Performer
  • Good-Benchmark
  • Good-Vega

#3 Congoleum

With over 120 years in the business, Congoleum has become good at what they do over the past century. The Duraceramic line and Duraplank line offer high quality vinyl flooring. You may use grout with these or not, whichever you prefer. The Airstep Collection comes with a special spill and stain resistance. That’s good news for those with children and pets. Sometimes, a juice stain or a pet accident can ruin an, otherwise, beautiful floor. There’s protection for that with the Air Step. Their Sheet Flooring Collection offers a range of vinyl material, from 1 star to 5 stars. No matter what your budget is you will be able to find a material for you. It’s great to have the option to spend a lot to get the best vinyl flooring or forgo the expense and just get something that will work, or choose something in the middle. That’s a great job by Congoleum giving us options. They do well to offer vinyl flooring in tile, plank, and sheet products.

  • Duraceramic
  • Air Step
  • Resilient Sheet
  • Tile and Plank
  • K Tech

#4 Gerflor

Gerflor has an expansive and creative line of vinyl flooring. They don’t just have wood flooring laminate. They don’t just have stone tile mosaics. They go beyond that into the creative, which goes above and beyond the par level offerings that many companies have. Their Acid Universe collection has funky, exciting colors and designs that will be sure to know ck your sox off. The funky colors in this collection are not for everyone. However, their willingness to put the time and effort into producing a less popular, wild group of designs shows their commitment to giving people choices. Plus, they have many other lines with all kinds of patterns. A great thing about Gerflor is that all of their laminate flooring is available in plank, roll, or tile. We love all the options!

  • Metal Melodies
  • Acid Universe
  • Urban Look
  • Exotic Auras
  • Scandinavian Style
  • Nature As It Is

#5 Tarkett

Tarkett has a great offering of vinyl flooring. They have mosaic tile as well as a variety of attractive hardwood laminate flooring. The repeat on some of the vinyl hardwood comes after each 36”X36” area. Others boast a 48”X72” area before repeating! That’s pretty good. It’s something to watch as you are shopping for vinyl flooring. Regarding their stone vinyl, you can find some where the pattern doesn’t repeat until after 36”X72”.

  • Infinity™
  • Inspire™
  • Sandran™
  • Favoritt™
  • Vintage™
  • Invitation™
  • Performa™
  • Preference Plus®

Author: Angela Escobar

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