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Rmax Insulation Prices, Reviews, Complaints & Company Overview

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Rmax’s insulation provides superior protection while meeting even the newest insulation codes and requirements and allows for ease of construction/installation, multiple design options, and reduced energy usage. Whether you need insulation for commercial or residential applications, Rmax has the perfect solution for you.

About Rmax

Rmax has been developing and manufacturing insulation solutions based on the latest building science since 1978 and has always strived to deliver highly durable products with maximum R-values. Their goal is to provide a product that is easy to install, with low costs and environmental impact. Rmax became a part of the Sika corporation in 2017, an integration that provided the company with an industry leading position in the insulation and building markets. They are at the forefront of the latest science and techniques that allow them to provide service and solutions to both the commercial and residential building industries.

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Rmax Insulation Products

Rmax has developed insulation and insulation solutions based on the latest and most advanced building science for 40 years. They offer a broad range of products to suit any customer need. Here are some of the insulation options offered by Rmax:

Wall and ceiling insulation

  • DURASHEATH-3: Intended for exterior walls in the residential building market, this insulation offers high durability and energy performance. It is made with non-metallic, inorganic polymer coated glass fiber mat facers and provides a superior air barrier.
  • R-Matte Plus-3: A versatile insulation that can be used for various applications, R-Matte Plus-3 is made with a reinforced aluminum facer and primarily meant to be used in ceilings and walls.
  • Thermasheath-XP: Insulation with a closed-cell polyiso foam core-bonded to durable aluminum facers on both sides. It is meant for exposed residential applications.
  • TSP-3: Energy efficient thermal insulation board with glass fiber reinforced aluminum facers that works for commercial, residential, or thermal retrofitting applications.
  • TSX-8500: A glass fiber insulation reinforced with aluminum facers meant to be used in exposed ceiling or walls in the commercial industry.

Roof insulation

  • Multi-Max FA-3: Compatible with nearly any roofing system and made with highly durable glass fiber organic mat facers.
  • Ultra-Max: An energy reducing thermal insulation with mold-resistant inorganic polymer coated glass mat facers that works with multiple roofing systems.
  • Thermaroof Plus-3: Ideal for metal panel roofing systems, this energy efficient thermal insulation board is made with an environmentally sound closed-cell polyiso core bonded to glass fiber reinforced aluminum facers.
  • Tapered Ultra-Max: Designed to improve roof drainage and made with mold-resistant, inorganic polymer coated glass mat facers.
  • Multi-Vent Nailable Base-3: This insulation is energy efficient and utilizes wood vent blocks to separate the rigid insulation layer from the nailing surface. It provides multi-directional venting that can be used in either commercial or residential applications.
  • How Much Does Rmax Insulation Cost?

    The cost of your Rmax insulation depends on the material, R-value, size, style, and type of insulation you are purchasing, as well as the vendor you choose. With that in mind, here are some general pricing guidelines for Rmax insulation:

    • Rmax Thermasheath-3 rigid foam insulation, R6, 1” x 4’ x 8’, closed cell polyiso, aluminum foil facers, 32 sq. ft. a sheet, price range: $30.93 to $31.60
    • Rmax TSX-8510 rigid foam insulation, R6, 1” x 4’ x 8’, closed cell polyiso, aluminum foil facers, 32 sq. ft. a sheet, price range: $30.25 to $31.05
    • Rmax Thermasheath XP thermal insulation board, R6, 1” x 4’ x 8’, closed cell polyiso, aluminum foil facers, 32 sq. ft. a sheet, price range: $30.93 to $32.56
    • Rmax TSX-8500 thermal insulation board, R6, 2” x 4’ x 8’, closed cell polyiso, aluminum foil facers, 32 sq. ft. a sheet, price range: $80.94 to $81.57
    • Rmax Thermasheath-3 rigid foam insulation, R20.3, 3” x 4’ x 8’, closed cell polyiso, aluminum foil facers, 32 sq. ft. a sheet, price range: $81.93 to $82.57

    These are the prices for individual units. The amount of insulation needed for a job is dictated by the R-value required and the type of insulation you are using.

    Rmax Insulation Reviews

    The average review for Rmax insulation finds customers raving about the thermal performance and superior air barrier that Rmax products have to offer. Many compare it to glass wool insulation, finding that the polyiso insulation offers greater strength and resistance to moisture. However, there are those who have said that the insulation can be difficult to install and even more difficult to cut to size. Some consumer reviews state that cutting is uneven and leaves pieces of the insulation all over the place, which stick to everything and are hard to clean up. It is important to thoroughly research any product and its reviews before making any final decisions on your Rmax insulation purchase.

    Author: Angela Escobar

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