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Compare the Top Rated Spray Paint Booth Brands - 2021 Best & Most Popular Spray Paint Booth Manufacturers

No matter how well designed your product is, if the finish doesn't look good, most people won't assign it the value you think it deserves. From hand-crafted wooden furniture to railway cars to automobiles to jumbo jets, spray booths ensure your products have a beautiful, high quality finish.

Paint booths are used in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial and large equipment, trucks, and woodworking. Each industry has its own finishing specifications around filtration, lighting, and more. In addition, you may need to worry about OSHA and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements as well as numerous local statutes.

The Top Paint Booth Brands of 2019

The most popular brands in 2020 include:

  • Accudraft: With over 35 years in the industry, Accudraft engineers and manufactures finishing systems based on each customer's unique requirements.
  • Col-Met: Working exclusively with its extensive distributor network, Col-Met offers spray booths as well as tech support, product training, and installation setup and service.
  • Compliant: Although they specialize in automotive paint booths, Compliant also manufactures industrial, furniture, truck, and woodworking booths.
  • Global Finishing Systems: Also known as GFS, Global Finishing Systems provides customized finishing systems and employs a full team of designers and engineers to create high-quality paint booths.
  • Nova Verta: Distributors for Nova Verta receive factory training to ensure they offer customers the best support in planning and designing their ideal paint booth.
  • Rohner: Specializing in customized industrial paint booths, Rohner employs experienced designers to create the perfect finishing solution for every customer.
  • Spray-Tech/Junair: A leading manufacturer of automotive, truck, and industrial finishing systems, Spray-Tech/Junair has over 20 years worth of experience designing spray booths that meet or exceed OSHA standards.

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Types of Spray Booths

Even more than the application (automotive, truck, etc.), paint booths are categorized by airflow.

Crossdraft Paint Booths

The airflow of this paint booth does what it sounds like: it crosses over the work area. Air enters the booth through intake filters in the doors and moves horizontally through to the exhaust system in the rear walls.

Crossdraft is the most popular option for two reasons: cost and ease of installation. These booths use less construction material and do not require any alterations to your facility to function properly. However, the lower price comes at the expense of the finish, which is in greater danger of acquiring contaminants due to the direction of the airflow. Since air moves from one end of the object being painted to the other, there is a greater chance that contaminants will land on the finish.

A secondary concern is the path of the paint overspray, as the operator may stand between the overspray and the exhaust.

Semi-Downdraft Paint Booths

Like the crossdraft booth, semi-downdraft paint booths have a rear exhaust system. Where they differ is in how air is introduced into the booth, which occurs in the ceiling. From there, the air flows diagonally toward the rear of the booth.

This is also one of the more economical choices, since it requires no concrete construction. And, the downward diagonal airflow reduces risk of contaminants marring the finish. However, the diagonal path often leaves a "dead zone" as well as operator exposure to overspray. Positioning the item toward the back of the booth helps avoid the dead zone.

Side Downdraft Paint Booths

These models create a more even airflow as the air enters through the ceiling as in the semi-downdraft, but it exits through the sidewalls. This draws contaminants down and the sidewall exhaust means there's no need for concrete pits. However, these are still typically the most expensive booth due to the construction methods required, particularly the need for extensive ductwork to handle the exhaust.

For facilities that require a high-quality finish but don't have the ability to install the concrete pit, however, this is their best option.

Downdraft Paint Booths

The main advantage of a downdraft booth is the superior finish. Air enters through the ceiling and is drawn down and exhausted through the floor. No matter where the painter operates, overspray and contaminants are drawn downward, reducing risk of contaminants marring the finish as well as exposure to the painter.

To function, however, the downdraft booth must include someplace for the overspray to land. Options include a concrete pit or a raised steel basement with a drive-up ramp for getting the object into the booth. Unless your shop already has a basement or concrete pit, the cost to install this is substantial.

Considerations When Choosing a Brand

The right spray booth dealer helps you choose the model and design that best suits your needs as well as your budget. He or she also works with you to plan your install and hopefully has ideas for reducing your shipping costs.

For the best experience, you need to look at more than unit price. You want to know exactly what you're paying (and what it's for), but you also need to be sure you aren't setting yourself up for fines or penalties from local or federal agencies. Consider the following before signing on the dotted line.

Are there any hidden fees?

Even if you know exactly what your dealer is charging, you may be surprised by the fees tacked onto your original quote, particularly if you use a less well-known brand. However, the most common unexpected charges originate with your shipping company, not your dealer. To avoid these, ask your manufacturer if they're willing to ship to you directly. If they are, follow that up with whether they guarantee there are no hidden fees, such as charges for crating.

If a transport company does deliver your booth, you will likely see charges for handling and packing. These are two separate fees, each averaging around $100, or possibly as a percentage of the item being transported.

What does installation cost?

You likely have the choice between installing the booth yourself (not recommended except for smaller, open face booths) or hiring a professional install. Your paint booth typically arrives as a kit and, even though it includes instructions, the complexities of this project place it outside the realm of the most DIY enthusiasts.

First, you need a licensed electrician to wire the booth to a power source. Next, you need to make sure your setup meets or exceeds safety codes and requirements. Most manufacturers will work with you to arrange for installation, just make sure you know whether your final price includes that cost so you aren't surprised by a second bill.

Safety inspections

Most areas have safety requirements around ventilation, construction stability, booth placement, and storage of chemicals and flammable items. You'll likely need to pass a safety inspection before receiving a permit. That inspection will cost you around $100, and you may need more than one (especially if you go the DIY route with installation).

In addition to local safety codes, you need to worry about federal standards, the most common being the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and National Electrical Code (NEC). All of the manufacturers listed here guarantee their products meet or exceed all codes. This includes installation if your manufacturer arranges your install.

Choose a leading brand

You are far more likely to avoid hidden fees by choosing a leading manufacturer. They typically have decades worth of experience, meaning they have proven processes and procedures, not to mention the most reliable products and best customer support. Choosing a lesser brand may seem like it's going to save you a few bucks, but you need to look at the whole picture to understand your true price.

Author: Angela Escobar

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