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At their most basic level, Accudraft paint booths are designed to ensure the painting area remains free of dust and other contaminants. The company manufactures both out-of-the-box and custom finishing solutions.

Accudraft designs a full line of paint booths and finishing systems, including heavy equipment and automotive spray booths, paint mixing rooms, prep stations, and waterborne paint drying systems. With multiple sizes and types of booths available, Accudraft serves any industry in need of finishing equipment. This includes automotive, aircraft, marine, and trains.

About Accudraft Paint Booths

Determined to help collision repair shops produce a factory finish quickly and efficiently, Guy Pippa founded Accudraft in 1977. For the next four decades, Accudraft continued to grow, adding more booths to its product line but never forgetting its original goal: a commitment to high quality. Today, the manufacturer's designs include the original automotive booth as well as products for the aerospace, industrial, large equipment, marine, and train industries.

Accudraft has also gone global, serving the entire western hemisphere from two facilities, one in New Jersey with the second in Italy. Their distributors are also worldwide, so Accudraft customers are never far from local support.

Accudraft Products

Accudraft designs a wide range of paint booths, each modified for a particular industry or need. You may customize any of these models.

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Automotive Paint Booths

The line that started it all, Accudraft offers five automotive spray paint booths:

  • Italia downdraft paint booth: This has been Accudraft's flagship model for over 40 years and it continues to set the standard for automotive spray booths. With a high airflow and fast curing, it's the ideal choice for collision repair shops that need a booth that offers both low cycle time and a durability that lasts for years.
  • Titan downdraft paint booth: This is Accudraft's top automotive booth, designed for impeccable high speed finishing. Excellent downdraft airflow and contamination control allow operators to work quickly while still turning out high quality finishes. And, the booths are designed for use with the latest waterborne and low VOC paints, with EnergySmart technology that saves you up to 50 percent on energy costs.
  • SS (space saver) paint booth: When space is at a premium but you still need a high-performance booth, the SS has you covered. Spray, flash, cure, and cool in a booth designed to save shop space with built-in overhead mechanicals and direct-fire heating.
  • MX series paint booth: Available in downdraft, semi downdraft, and side draft, with loads of options to help you create the perfect spray booth for your shop. Design includes your choice of single- or dual-wall construction and multiple air handler configurations.
  • Pro series paint booth: Available in galvanized and white finishes, this is Accudraft's most economical booth, available in both non-heated and heated and in multiple configurations.

Aerospace Paint Booths

Aerospace paint booths differ significantly from other types of spray booths as they require tight environmental controls, particularly temperature and humidity. In addition, size and shape vary dramatically depending on the type of aircraft. Also known as a painting hangar, Accudraft designs both freestanding paint booths and hangar inserts.

Industrial Paint Booths

For large scale conveyor and industrial crane finishing systems, Accudraft's in-house design and manufacturing team configures your paint booth to match your specifications and unique requirements.

Truck Paint Booths

Accudraft offers two paint booths designed for truck finishing:

  • Pro series truck paint booth: A large booth designed for a variety of finishing applications with a single-wall construction and optional exhaust and heat. Choose your size and finish.
  • TX series truck paint booth: Large cabins, a controlled environment, and shadowless lighting allow you create flawless finishes on trucks and large equipment. Options include heated makeup air and heated cure cycle for faster finishing.

Marine Paint Booths

Accudraft designs and manufactures its line of marine paint booths to create finishes that stand up against both fresh and salt water as well as the wind and sun constantly assaulting waterborne vessels. Marine paint booths include tight controls over humidity, temperature, and VOC exposure to ensure finishes meet code.

Train and Rail Paint Booths

Like marine vessels, train and rail cars operate in a harsh environment, from the weather they speed through to the cargo they carry. Their protective coatings need to be durable in order to meet safety codes. Accudraft designs its train booths to create the ideal environment, with excellent controls around humidity, temperature, and VOC exposure.

Accudraft Paint Booth Pricing

A wide variety of factors influence the price of an Accudraft paint booth, including size, airflow, vendor, and extra features such as heating. The following prices should help you estimate your costs. Please note that these prices do not include installation, delivery, or taxes.

  • A mid-size cross flow for automotive finishing starts at around $6,400
  • A mid-size semi-downdraft for automotive finishing starts at around $7,700
  • A mid-size semi-downdraft with heated air makeup unit starts at around $22,000
  • A heated side downdraft for automotive finishing starts at around $30,000
  • A heated downdraft for automotive finishing starts at around $40,000
  • A cross flow for industrial finishing starts at around $21,000
  • A semi-downdraft for industrial finishing starts at around $25,000
  • A heated downdraft for industrial finishing starts at around $35,000
  • A paint mixing booth starts at around $2,700
  • A heated air makeup unit starts at around $17,000

Accudraft Paint Booth Reviews

Accudraft customers rave about the company, from its products to its people.

  • Increased efficiency: This is probably the most common feedback about Accudraft paint booths, that their design allows customers to complete more projects in less time while still getting a flawless finish.
  • Product quality: Practically across the board, reviewers praise the high-quality finish they get with Accudraft booths.
  • Reputation: Numerous collision repair and auto body shops claim that simply spreading the word that they installed an Accudraft paint booth led to significant increases in referrals.
  • Sales support: Accudraft receives high marks for knowledgeable sales staff who understand their products inside and out. Also, for working with customers to design the perfect booth that fits both their needs and their budget.
  • Customer service: Company representatives earn praise for being informative and available to answer questions throughout the process, even after the purchase is complete.

Author: Angela Escobar

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