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About Senco Air Compressors - Company Overview, Prices and Reviews

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Known for innovative, reliable products, SENCO strives to assist DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike in creating an efficient and safe workspace. SENCO air compressors can be found in industries all over the world, providing amazing performance and helping people get the job done as best they can.

Types of SENCO Air Compressors

SENCO produces various styles of air compressor and offers combo kits that include fastening tools with the compressors.

  • Hot Dog┬áCompressors: Hot dog air compressors draw their name from the hotdog shaped tank that produces the air and horizontal design. Generally, hot dog compressors have one tank.
  • Pancake Compressors: Pancake air compressors are named for their pancake-like appearance and tend to be smaller than most of their industrial counterparts, but provide no less power. Their small size allows for easy portability, making them ideal for both DIY and industrial applications.
  • Twin Stack Compressors: This double tank style compressor produces high power and air flow, making it perfect for heavy duty applications.

SENCO Air Compressor Models and Pricing

  • Model PC0968N: Oil-free, 4.5-gallon, twin-stack, designed for professional contractors, 200 max psi, heavy-duty induction motor with 95 low volt start, rugged roll cage to protect critical components, and an integrated control panel for ease-of-use, price range: $200 to $250
  • Model PC0970: 15-gallon vertical air compressor with multiple grip points and a rugged surface, a durable induction motor and oil-free pump design for excellent airflow, price range: $350 to $400
  • Model PC1010N: Lightweight (21 pounds), compact 1-gallon finish and trim compressor that's highly portable and ultra quiet (68 dBA), with a long life induction motor and oil-free pump design, price range: $125 to $185
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  • Model PC1010: Ultra quiet (68 dBA) and ultra light (20 pounds) with a heavy induction motor, price range: $110 to $180
  • Model PC1010 Compressor Kit: Includes FinishPro 18 Brad Nailer with 1 HP (peak) and 0.5 HP (running), 1-gallon, oil-less compressor, 1/4" x 25' coil hose, tool oil and safety glasses, and all necessary air fittings, price range: $180 to $225
  • Model PC0968: Compact twin stack tank, 1 HP, 2.5-gallon tank finish and trim compressor, lightweight 38 pounds, with a heavy induction motor, price range: $150 to $200
  • Model PC0969: Twin stack, 4.5-gallon with a long life induction motor and oil-free pump design, 200 max psi, 95V, rugged roll cage to protect critical components, and integrated control panel, price range: $250 to $300
  • Model PC0974 Combo: Includes PC1010 compressor kit and FinishPro 10 Micro Pinner, 1-gallon electric oil-less compressor, 1/4" x 25' coil hose, variety pack of 23 ga. micro pins, safety glasses, tool oil, and all necessary air fittings, price range: $200 to $250
  • Model PC1130: Lightweight and slim 39-pound design, heavy duty induction motor, cast iron cylinder, oil-lubricated compressor, built for finish and trim contractors and remodelers, price range: $150 to $200
  • Model PC1131: Workhorse model with 4.4 CFM to power any application, oil splash design, heavy duty induction motor, compact twin stack tank, cast iron cylinder, price range: $200 to $250
  • Model PC1280: 6-gallon compact, lightweight (38 pounds) pancake compressor with oil-free pump and maintenance-free operation, dual quick connect couplers, price range: $150 to $200

SENCO Air Compressor Reviews

Critics appreciate SENCO's lightweight models for their convenient portability coupled with excellent performance, noting that models are ideal for residential use but may not hold up to regular industrial applications (thought noting that they'd work as a backup unit).

The PC0974 is praised for its quick pump up and recovery times, clocking in at two minutes and 35 seconds respectively. Reviewers of the PC1010 consider it great for smaller renovation jobs or as a back-up unit on the jobsite.

Designed for nail guns, the PC0968 is a low-volume machine that can still supply two brad nailers and one reviewer said it might handle up to three.

Author: Angela Escobar

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